Tax & Accounting
Professionals Program

Have you referred your clients for their investments?
If so, have you been compensated for the referral?

Tax and Accounting Professionals can now partner with Independent Solutions Wealth Management (ISWM) to service their client’s investment needs. Working with ISWM, the tax professional can offer a variety of simple to highly scalable and customized wealth management solutions for their clients by working with a leader in the investment advisory space.

Independent Solutions Wealth Management is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor with over 750M in assets under management. The firm services institutional and retail clients while providing world-class back-office support for tax professionals and financial advisors. Established in 2008 and Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, ISWM has offices in Jupiter, FL, Houston, TX, and San Diego, CA, with an investment committee representing over 200 years of investment experience.

The Opportunity:

After successfully obtaining your investment advisory license, ISWM will partner with the tax professional to provide investment advisory services to clients sourced by the tax professional. ISWM and tax professionals will split the advisory fee 50/50. ISWM will partner with the tax professional by providing support and investment advisory services for the client that includes the following:

  • Investment Solutions & Portfolio Construction
  • Paperwork Generation & Processing
  • Account Set-Up & Ongoing Monitoring
  • Account Trading & Rebalancing
  • Performance Reporting & Billing
  • Support & Marketing

Benefits Explained:

When partnering with the firm Independent Solutions Wealth Management through TAPP, you have the option of playing one of two roles: (1) to act as the Advisor or Relationship Manager, or (2) act as solely the referring party by leveraging both our Servicing/Operations team as well as a designated Wealth Manager who will be the fiduciary responsible for the ongoing management for the referring party. 


Roles Defined:

Act Only as Referring Party:

  • After the initial introduction, you can relax and let the ISWM team handle every stage of the client process.
  • The team has you covered from portfolio construction to generating account paperwork to ensure the client’s assets are invested.

Act as Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager

  • Onboard the client
  • Develop a Financial Plan
  • Paperwork completion/submissions
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis/Management
  • Placement of Assets
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Semi-Annual Client Reviews
  • Servicing Accounts (RMDs, Checks, TOD, etc.)
  • Estate Planning Review
  • Communication through down markets