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Wednesday, August 26th
6:15 PM (EST)

Economic & Markets Update Webinar Hosted By John THur, CFA

Independent Solutions Wealth Management invites you to join a virtual webinar to discuss the current and future market climate of the economy.

In this 1 hour event, you will hear from John Thur, Certified Financial Analyst has he covers various topics such as:

-Recent and future market activity
-Historic market volatility
-The current state of the economy
-Portfolio management
-Investment strategie

Our Story

At Independent Solutions, we understand that the financial advisor is the mechanic of the financial plan. We will work tirelessly in developing models that allow you and your clients to grow, protect and diversify.

We are committed to assisting you in building a more secure future. We believe it’s not only our responsibility to help you protect and make the most of your income and assets, but also to help you make the most of your life. 

Click here to read the article “Bringing Wall Street to Main Street” featured in Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek & Money, for more on the Independent Solutions Wealth Management Story.

ISWM in the Media

Independent Solutions Wealth Management has been in a variety of media outlets, from television to magazines. Watch the different interviews and discussions we have had at CNBC, WBEN, and more.

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170+ Years of Industry Experience

Our Portfolios are managed by the Independent Solutions Wealth Management Investment Committee, lead by Dan Neiman, Chief Investment Officer and Partner at ISWM. The committee consists of Chartered Financial Analysts as well as Advisors that have both institutional and retail experience. Our investment committee enables the collaboration of individuals with a combined industry experience of 170 years.

Strategic Asset Allocation

We use this investment approach to give our clients the best opportunity to achieve success. 

Client Communication

We host Client Update Calls on a quarterly basis to our clients the opportunity to interact with our Investment Committee.

Investment Committee

The ISWM Investment Committee has over 170 years of industry experience to ensure our clients are in good hands. 

Our Headquarters

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