Private Wealth Group

A Personalized Wealth Plan Based on Your Priorities

At different points in your life, you may find that your needs, goals, and interests have changed. With this change, your views on risk and wealth strategies can also shift. As you accumulate wealth, you may strive to achieve additional or alternative objectives.

Who is it for?

The holistic approach of the Private Wealth Group at Independent Solutions Wealth Management takes asset management to a higher level. You will have the convenience of working with a single point of contact – your Private Wealth Advisor – backed by a team of professionals specializing in wealth planning, investment management, charitable giving, income planning, and estate planning.

By working together with you, your Financial Advisor, and your tax and legal advisors, the Private Wealth Group at Independent Solutions Wealth Management will help you create a customized wealth plan that focuses on your personal needs, your lifestyle, and your family goals.

private wealth management group

Which path is right for you?

Investment Planning

We believe that long term consistency helps to improve the probabilities of success in achieving your investment goals. Our investment committee applies a mix of assets classes across global markets with intensive research and careful individual security selection tailored to meet your specific financial objectives.

Trust and Estate Services

Taking care of your family now while creating a legacy for your heirs may be of importance to you. Our strategic relationship with Canandaigua National Bank and Trust (CNB), allows you the opportunity to design a plan that will fit the needs of your family for multiple generations.

Specialty Asset Management

Specialty Assets, non-financial assets or “real” assets, can offer significant benefits as part of an overall portfolio. These assets can present special challenges in terms of oversight. Specialty assets may include: Private Limited Partnerships, Real Estate Assets, Natural Resources, or Private Debt or Equity deals.

Wealth Planning

In addition to Investment Management, you can count on your team at Independent Solutions Wealth Management for advice in diverse areas such as asset allocation, asset segmentation, education funding, stock option planning, charitable giving strategies, and wealth transfer strategies.

Specialty Income Planning

No matter the size of your portfolio, income plays a vital role in how you live. How you create your income strategy will depend on a variety of factors, including timing of cash flows and taxation. We have a team of advanced planners and certified Social Security claiming strategists.

Charitable Giving

If you and your family decide that philanthropy should be part of your overall wealth strategy, the planning team at Independent Solutions can work with your primary advisor help implement giving strategies as a one time event, over your lifetime, or even spanning multiple generations.

Let's Show You Additional Benefits Of The Private Wealth Group

Schedule a meeting with our parteners to go over the benefits of the private wealth group program.

Paul Meeks
Chartered Financial Analyst
35+ Years of Experience

Paul Meeks is best known for managing the largest technology funds during the dot-com bubble. Paul was recently elected to the CFA Society South Carolina Board. He brings over 30 years of research, equity analysis, industry expertise and portfolio management to the committee.

Michael Lomas
Partner & President
20+ Years of Experience

Michael Lomas, licensed since 1997, is a founding Partner of Independent Solutions Wealth Management and currently serves as the President. Mike has co-hosted The Financial Guys radio show since 1999 and has hosted the Money Talks TV Show since 2016.

John Thur
Chartered Financial Analyst
40+ Years of Experience

John Thur, Chartered Financial Analyst. has many years of experience as a research analyst, portfolio manager and trader in the Equity and Fixed Income markets. In addition to his role as an investment committee member at ISWM, John is also a member of the CFA Institute and was the President of the CFA Society of Buffalo.

Dan Neiman
Partner & Chief Investment Officer
20+ Years of Experience

Dan Neiman, an investment advisor since 2000, is a Partner of ISWM and serves as the Chief Investment Officer. Dan is the lead Portfolio Manager of the Neiman Large Cap Value Fund and the Neiman Opportunities Fund and contributes to the ISWM model portfolios.

Michael Zimmer
Chief Operations Officer
10+ Years of Experience

Michael Zimmer, licensed since 2010, holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Independent Solutions Wealth Management. Mike continues to play an instrumental role with the firm in providing majority of the research and analysis used by the Investment Committee Members.

Glenn Wiggle
Partner & Chief Compliance Officer
20+ Years of Experience

Glenn Wiggle, licensed since 1996, is a founding Partner and Chief Compliance Officer of Independent Solutions Wealth Management. Glenn has co-hosted The Financial Guys radio show since 1999 and has hosted the Money Talks TV Show since 2016.

David Mariacher
Portfolio Manager & Market Analyst
25+ Years of Experience

David Mariacher, licensed since 1994, focuses on individual equity portfolios.David is a frequent guest on The Financial Guys Radio Network & Podcast and Money Talks on WKBW TV to comment on the latest market news and to offer his professional insight.

Peter Nielsen
Portfolio Manager & Chartered Financial Analysts
25+ Years of Experience

Peter is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, has a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Simon Fraser University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree from Trinity Western University. Peter sits on the board of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of South Carolina.


Our team at Independent Solutions has over 200 years of combined investment experience which includes seasoned Portfolio Managers, several of whom hold advanced professional degrees and credentials. At ISWM we believe that having portfolio managers that have been in the trenches managing real money throughout various, oftentimes adverse, market conditions matters.


ISWM has been recognized by Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, & Money Magazine, as investment experts in the industry. The Investment Committee Members have contributed to the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, TedTalks, and many other nationally recognized news outlets.

ISWM was formed with the idea that every client deserves a diversified, transparent, efficient, and customizable portfolio. As important, these portfolios should work seamlessly with a client’s other investments and overall financial plan. The firm’s partners have extensive backgrounds in both investment management and financial planning.

As a Fiduciary, our investment and wealth planning decisions are made in the best interests of our clients.


By working with your primary advisor, Independent Solutions Wealth Management can offer an array of services to you and your family. Unlike other Investment Firms, ISWM looks to work with, not replace, your primary advisor. We can provide complete investment and wealth management solutions, or, complement other strategies that you and your Financial Advisor have developed.

We will introduce you to strategies and tools that can help you grow, preserve, and distribute your wealth exactly as you intend to. Recommended strategies will be offered in collaboration with your tax and legal advisors to ensure that we can fully understand and appreciate your broader wealth plan.