Paul Meeks

Certified Financial Analyst
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Paul is a 32-year equity analyst and portfolio manager. He is best known for investing in technology stocks. His primary investment responsibility since 1992 has been to cover this economic sector. For Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, which was acquired by BlackRock in 2006, Paul started and managed six technology-oriented public equity mutual funds with a total $8 billion in assets under management.

Paul is also a college professor. He has been an adjunct finance or accounting faculty member at three universities since 2005: including the College of Charleston, The Citadel, both in Charleston, South Carolina, and Western Washington University. Currently, he serves the College of Charleston and The Citadel. He teaches Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Investments, Banking, Financial Accounting, or Sustainability/Environmental Accounting. He has won an award for his instruction. Paul also has published an e textbook Practical Personal Finance for the Internet Era through Great River Learning.


Paul Meeks CFA CAIA

He lives in and works from Charleston, South Carolina, but he has western New York roots as his father’s family hails from Newfane. Three generations of his family worked for Harrison Radiator in Lockport.

Paul joined Independent Solutions Wealth Management (ISWM) in fall 2018. He had worked with the firm for several years before then as ISWM had clients in a stocks mutual fund (the Sextant Growth Fund) that he had managed for Saturna Capital (Bellingham, Washington). He is one of the portfolio managers in ISWM’s Private Wealth Group (PWG). He also manages two equity models, Technology and Dividends. Please note that stocks in his Dividends model must have at least 5% price appreciation potential. Thus, Paul has an eye on growth even in his Dividends model, which today (March 2021) yields about 3%. Last, he has managed a technology focused mutual fund, the Wireless Fund (WIREX), since November 2018.

Since the Internet Bubble began to inflate in the mid-1990s, Paul has been on air on CNBC about once a week to “talk tech.” He also appears on other business news outlets. Video clips of his appearances are posted on and LinkedIn (we suggest that you “connect” with him there) and are found through the “Media Coverage” tab on ISWM’s web site. You also may be interested in watching his 2017 TED Talk “Debunking Stock Investment Myths,” which has 125,000 views on YouTube. Off camera, Paul also writes about technology trends and companies.