Identifying The Problem Behind The COVID-19 Crisis

We are reaching the end of March as the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc everywhere. The markets are still feeling it’s ugly affects. But that is not stopping us from doing everything we can to protect your investments. One of Independent Solutions Chartered Financial Analysts; John Thur has recently come out with his first quarter commentary of 2020. The commentary talks about the recent economic problem due to the Coronavirus,

John gives his analysis on the market, citing various market fluctuations. He talks of changes in the U.S., as well as some changes in Europe. If you want to read his full commentary, you can check out the commentary pdf here.

Is it safe to say we are out of the woods from the affects of the Coronavirus and it’s impact on the market? Only time will tell. However, if you are feeling uncertain about your financial situation and are questions your portfolio, give us a call at 716-568-8566 or we can contact you if you fill out our form here.

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